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Updated: Sep 16, 2020

In this blog we examine resources issues and discuss how to manage time with available resources in the project.  In a project team need to mange the task according to the schedule.  Any resources need to perform the activities would be available whenever they required. Most projects the schedule will be governed to some extent by limitations on the availability of the resources. If resources are limited it may be necessary to schedule activities not at the earliest date but at a time that makes best use of available resources.

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is a software program designed to assist project managers. It is useful technique with many options and features to help a project manager to develop schedules. Track project, Mange resources and generate report etc.  If you plan to use a tool like Microsoft Project in the workplace you need to study the capabilities of the software in more depth so that you aware of the basic options available to you.

1. Time sheets

Microsoft project opens with a Gantt chart view.

As an example: In the first window on the left-hand side you will see the task and durations column.

If necessary, expand this window (Using the “split bar”) to view the start, finish, predecessor, and resources columns. These options help to create tasks and durations.

So, what do you think you are thinking out where your time is passing? That is reason Microsoft Project add value to the Time. A duration tracking the amount of time spend during the time spent doing task every day in a project.

As a team member it is essential to track every employee and amount of time, they spend completing the tasks in a day. You really need to manage your time efficiently. In Microsoft Project features include Gantt charts, recurring tasks, scheduling capabilities help you track assigned tasks and get your done with project at the right time.

2. Stay Organise

To stay organise you need to prioritise your work. You can Create a to-do-list and set prioritise according to the task. In Microsoft Project WBS is helping to create about the work that’s need to be done and it will help you to reduce complicated activities to a collection of requirements. In the Project you can mange your complex task effectively. Every task based on its priority task number. This way you get clear idea about WBS. It assigned fixed time frame and costs. The project manager needs to plan for the schedule, cost and assign responsibilities.

Managing your time in a perfect manner. Utilising your project work in a good manner. Managing every minute with to raise your productivity. Finally make sure allocate you 24 hours in a organise way. Time fast soon you are the driver of your time.

Thank you for reading this.

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