How to overcome IT Projects Failure

Information Technology (IT) projects and Information System (IS) in business organisations are extremely high.  IT Project failure have been reported world-wide. This blog will discuss the proper solutions to overcome those issues. Through sufficient research helped to solve those problems. Accordingly, this blog focus on customer designed IT Projects.

Identify the main Objectives

Objectives are core things the organisation wants to achieve. Project team need to determine the clear objective of the project. Because the overall project depends on the strong objective of the project. Project team need to plan how to chive the objectives. When there is more than one way to achieve objectives in the project, project conflict arises.  However, every team member needs to agree with same objective and focus on the same purpose.  A successful project develops success objectives. Therefore, the objectives for the success of the project must be strong.

Create Effective Strategy

Making strategy is a difficult task. However, executing and implementing is especially important to lead the organisation project.  Strategy planning is a direction and path for an organisation. Maintain the organisation’s place in the market and to meet requirements of customers are the best strategies to create. Identifying those main points build strong project strategy. Strategic plans always create new growth and new business. They have a direction which gives birth to the overall project and it increase effectiveness of the project.

Identify the Stakeholders

The main aim of this process is to identify organisations, people or groups that will be affected by the outcome of the project. The key stakeholders of the project will be identified accurately as a project manager, during Stakeholder identification process of PMBOK stakeholder management.  The stakeholder can be identified by using procurement documents and stakeholder register. Expert judgment and stakeholder analysis techniques will be used and according to the knowledge can identify impact of identified stakeholders on the project. As a project manager can be conduct interviews with specific stakeholders of the project for gathering information about valuable event stakeholders. All the stakeholders contribute with High Interest, High Influence its help to expand the project success. Build a strong communication with Medias, Government Audience who coming from different backgrounds. Their involvements expand the awareness of the IT Project success.

Plan Stakeholder Engagement

It refers to the process of developing effective engagement strategies that will help to effectively engage with stakeholders throughout the project life cycle based on their potential impact, interest, and requirements. As a Strategy Stakeholder engagement matrix used to determine the engagement levels required for successful project completion. Mainly, it consists of five different types of stakeholder engagement levels such as unaware, resistant, neutral, supportive, and leading. So, this plan will help to keeping the entire stakeholder satisfied. To build strong relationship with all the identified stakeholders helps to develop effective strategies.

Identify the Risk

Every project aim is to prevent the variety of different hazard to which project may be exposed.  Identify risk is the project manager does to counteract or prepare for the risks. As a team need to identify the general risk, want to know what risky about particular projects, what are the seeking characteristic, circumstance or feature of the projects that could potentially have an adverse effect on important deliverables on the whole project. In this stage project manger and the team must make careful identification and analysis of specific risks areas to make tactical plans to overcome those risks.

Final Thought

The blog concluded appropriate solutions with project management processes that will allow project team to organise successful project. The Organisation can identify key stakeholders of the project, clear define strategies, Risk of the projects. Project management techniques help to avoid Project Failure. Adopt to creative Project strategies and objective manage the project implementation. Managing correct methodologies and solutions will reduce the project failure rate.

True success is a not a Project but a Journey.

Thank you for reading this blog!

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