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Online Ordering Platform

One of the best ways to keep us sane during this COVID-19 is by having our favorite food and beverages! You can provide services that your customers expect from your restaurant or café by using Online Ordering.

Here is a quick guide that will help you get the most out of your Online Ordering system. We can tell you more about this system if you're interested in implementing it in your own business.

1. Online Ordering Menu

Essentially, you are creating a new storefront for your business with your new online web ordering system. That means you should update your menu accordingly. Choose the products you want your customers to be able to buy through your online store and personalize the menu according to your preferences.

Those products can then be uploaded to the backend with mouthwatering images and descriptions so that customers know exactly what to order. Having the ability to flag popular and new products into your store will entice customers to click on your new products or gravitate toward the products you excel at!

2. Delivery Option

The reality is that many stores have to make the tough decision to let go of employees, something you can now potentially avoid by implementing an online ordering system.

Consider shifting them to delivery for a temporary period of time to keep them on your books. In addition to providing assistance to your team in supporting themselves and their families, your business can also generate online delivery revenue without adding employees or services.

It's always best to see how we can make the most of what we have in times like these.

3. Let everyone know about it

The most important thing after setting up your online ordering store is to make it known worldwide! When you completed your setup, you would have found a number of different options for letting your customers know that you're open for business (online).

Put a direct link to your online store on your webpage or use your social media channels to communicate the URL to your customers. You can post a QR code on your storefront or even on digital posts to give your customers a quick way to access the online store with a quick scan of their mobile device.

We hope these instructions will help you set up and start using the our Online Ordering platform.

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