Plan your work with Remote Working

Working remotely can be helpful and challenging in this Pandemic Situation. You can work at any where you want and can mange your own time. Remote working is when employer and employee can use tools which are accessible to the internet. It helps to employer to save preparation before the important meeting, with the support of online tools.

This method is challenging. Main challenge is regarding team collaboration and communication.  Sharing information to different parties, receiving feedback in organised way, gathering requirements, Video conferencing. Group chat those facts are quite challenge in remote working

Innovative technology offers different kind of range of tools to remote work. It overcome those mentioned challenges. Technology is always flexible for to get job wherever they are in globe. This is the reason most business tend to apply technology to help their employees to deliver effective outcome.

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Management applications to plan your work


Slack is messaging remote work tool. It helps to share company important notifications, announcements to everyone on time. It can create different tasks with various teams. Slack is digital platform that allows communicates among team members of the project. It helps to share documents, ideas, knowledge. In addition, it brings companies together and help to overcome annoying emails.

Drop box

This tool help for sharing files and collaboration. It offers various features for managing remote workers. Remote workers can share synchronise, collaboration documents without any harm. It allows to share large files, PowerPoint presentation, Video presentations and photos. There are features as a Team folder its free drop box feature. It helps to automatically sync content in team folders to all group members. It allows share everything inside the team folder.

Note Taking Apps

Note taking applications are more important in remote working environment. All digital application can do more for than paperwork. All the notes in the cloud and sync across multiple devices. It supports to find whatever notes you need.

In the Project, there are too many details to note and refer, however, note taking enable keep all this information structured and shareable. Evernote application is one of popular application used many corporations.


In remote working it is a big challenge to take notes. Specially with client meeting. So, this application help to manage the requirements. It integrates with application like Google drive, Outlook. In addition, this apps helps you to create and prioritise work, ideas and to do lists.

Final Idea

Working in a remote environment, quit challenging because of Accessibility, difficulty of communicating with other team members. Above all tools not only helps to minimise those challenges thus it will protect your work environment from harm, promote collaborating work with valuable features.

The tools can use for planning your time while working remotely. This tool helps to make work easier for your team member to work fast. Remote working is extremely important for those who cannot attend work due to social anxiety, Pandemic, busy work schedule or any other situations.

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