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The benefits of self-ordering for businesses

Self-service kiosks and table-ordering

The term table ordering refers to devices (such as iPads) placed on each table so that customers can place their own orders. Customers can place their orders at kiosks set up at the front of the store or at the counter, regardless of where they are seated. Customers can also pay with cash or a credit card on the spot.

Self-service Integration

Time is of the essence!

You will be able to register more orders thanks to more access points, faster transactions, and easier integration with your business' point of sale. For any business, getting as many paying customers through the door as possible is paramount; that is why striving to get even that extra couple of dollars every minute can be so rewarding in the long run. Decluttering your business space is always beneficial, as destructive, long queues will disappear.

Ease of Requests and Order Modifications

Many people will skip ordering particular items when they fear judgment may follow. By implementing self-ordering devices, you can allow your customers to make decisions without inhibitions and to be themselves. Self-ordering devices have been found to increase order totals by as much as 25%.

The reality is that you could be generating a lot of revenue if you knew what your customers didn't tell you.

Self-ordering devices also tend to upsell more easily than talking to another human being in the same situation. Interacting with a machine carries less inhibition than interacting with a human. Additionally, it was found that self-service is more likely to make sales of difficult-to-pronounce products.

Work with your staff to their full potential

Your business begins and ends with your employees. But an issue that echoes across many businesses is getting the most out of their team members.

It is a tough task to balance, but it can be a whole lot easier when you free up time for your employees to perform tasks that matter most.

Self-ordering devices allow your workers to focus on providing proper face-to-face customer service as opposed to staring at a screen, or they can ensure your customers are welcomed delightfully with table service conversation.

Enhance the whole store experience by optimising your labour resources.

In essence,

Utilising self-ordering POS systems for your business whether it’s fast food or dining is something that you should strongly consider. The potential to increase your business efficiency and process a greater amount of transactions is a bonus that is pretty hard to pass by. However, like all business decisions you need to consider whether having a self-ordering kiosk and/or a table-ordering app suits your business goals and store experience.

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