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What is a POS system?

POS stands for Point of Sale, which is the physical or online place where customers pay you, and ‘system’ is the technology that links your store information to transactions.

POS systems in Australia

POS systems in Australia vary and are tailored to suit different businesses and their needs. Many providers specialise by business type, such as hotels, bars, and hairdressers.While cash registers and barcode scanners still have their place, POS systems can be connected to EFTPOS and cloud-based payment hosting, and you can operate them on mobile devices, computers, and more.

What a POS system does:
  • Process orders

  • Automate the input of data

  • Integrate with payment transactions

  • Personalise and customise for promotions and loyalty programs

  • Inventory management and store analytics

What POS systems connect to payments?

Tyro EFTPOS integrates with hundreds of POS systems (including PMS systems or Practice Management Software systems).

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