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Offers competitive online shopping options without sacrificing high levels of customer service to consumers and businesses alike.

In a restaurant, there is no denying how busy and demanding the situation may be. Our technology optimizes business processes for effortless and time-saving operations.


We will provide your business with best suitable POS system to meet your needs for growth in today unpredictable economy. Provide proven advice of how to bring your business online.


QR Code / Online Ordering

Using artificial intelligence, restaurant mobile ordering system helps drive restaurants’ profitability by creating seamless operations, saving labour costs, boosting average cover value and speeding up table turns.

Upselling and Recommendation to increase basket size and profit from 10% to 30%


Our Kiosk Sellf Ordering Solutions is designed for Quick Service & Quick Table Service Restaurant who would like to reduce staff  ordering time, present latest menu digitally, to upsell your products and make recommendations to your clients. Increase the average client spending.


Membership Program

Build customised, on-brand membership retention programs to incentivise repeat purchases, referrals, customer feedback, and social engagement.


  • Tier Membership and VIP

  • Reviews and Ratings

  • Referral - Turn word of mouth into your best sales channel. Get your loyal customers to sell your products and services to their friends in exchange for rewards.

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