iPad POS

iPad POS is an iPad point of sale system that is built specifically for the retail, food & service industry. We have never stopped innovating, constantly looking for sensible solutions to increase the productiveness of our users. The end result of it is a system that is simple yet comprehensive.

iPad POS Display

Transaction Display

You can check all unpaid and last 10 transactions including table, to go, delivery, customer services.

Customer Relationship Management

Manage customer's email, birthday and address. Track their spending and assign a different tier of membership discount.


Clock In/Out

Track employees clock in and out timing. Pay them according to the hours worked.

Cloud Reports

Comprehensive cloud reporting for your needs to analyse your business and able to act timely for necessary business decision.

Kitchen Display System

Eliminate paper printing, use your iPad to serve as a kitchen display. View open orders by table or time ordered. Upon completion, notify expedite screen.

Table Management

Customise multiple table layout according to your restaurant. Table timers enable staff to turntable more efficiently.

CMS via Web

Content Management System

Turn on CMS via Web switch, enter the URL shown in the app in your browser, you will find content management system. receive orders

Power your Store

     Accessible Anytime and Anywhere

     Easier to manage the ordering process

     Staff management

     Cost-effective POS

     User-friendly interface

     Multiple terminal practicalities

     Always up to date

     Efficient table management

    The simplified customer checkout experience

    Streamlined payment


How much does iPad POS cost?

The pricing for the iPad POS Growth plan is $55 / week / location. iPad POS powers your instore management and is distinct from the iPad POS Marketplace. Additional fees apply to access iPad POS marketplace customers & automated loyalty program.

Would it work without a cash drawer? 

Yes, you do not need a cash drawer for iPad POS to work.

How do I synchronize my iPad's data with another? (Multiple Terminal) 

Standard credit card processing fees apply.

Does iPad POS provide on-site installation? 

iPad POS encourage you to perform the entire setup on your own. However if you still prefer to have someone set it up for you, you may contact our technical team.

You will need to have 2 iPads, both installed with the App. For the iPad that is connected to the cashier printer, under terminal settings set it as Main POS. For second iPad (ordering terminal), configure it as terminal and enter the IP address of Main POS. Pair them before you can start using. You can pair up to 10 devices.

How long does it take to get set up on iPad POS?

Can your system integrate with our system?

Yes. We will discuss with our technical team.

It only takes a couple of minutes to register for iPad POS. From there you'll receive a dedicated onboarding expert to help support you with all your needs during the onboarding process.

Get your own iPad POS!

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