Restaurant Mobile Ordering System

Using artificial intelligence, restaurant mobile ordering system helps drive restaurants’ profitability by creating seamless operations, saving labour costs, boosting average cover value and speeding up table turns.

Smart Web Display

Login the system

Customers need to use Facebook/Google account or Phone number to log in the system.


Finalise your Cart

Customers can view and edit the order details before placing the meal order.


Showcase your Products

Create a unique digital experience with product photos and custom branding.


Customise your Products

Your customers will be able to change the numbers of your current meals.


Optimize your Experience

Have access to different categories of the meals


Offer you Confirm Info

In the end, the system will offer you a confirm information detail

Console website display

Live order function

Automatically receive orders

Manage orders easily

Check live orders and delivered orders

Administration Website Display

Home Page

Power your Store

Power your Store

     Intuitive sales and customers data

     Easier to manage the ordering process

     Powerful and comprehensive order functions

     Easier to manage customer data

     Automatically update order information

     Simple change website

     Precise positioning



How much does smart web online ordering cost?

The pricing for the smart web Online Ordering Growth plan is $55 / week / location. Smart web Online Ordering powers your online ordering and is distinct from the smart web Online Ordering Marketplace. Additional fees apply to access smart web Online Ordering marketplace customers.

Standard credit card processing fees apply.

Can your system integrate with our system?

Yes. We will discuss with our technical  team.

Can I try smart web Online Ordering before paying for it?

You sure can! We designed a Starter plan to help you see the benefits of smart web Online Ordering. When you're ready, you'll also be able to upgrade your plan to access more features.

Do I need to buy extra devices to use smart web Online Ordering?

How do I get set up on smart web Online Ordering?

Click the “Get Started” button above and it will prompt you for some basic information. Once received, a smart web Online Ordering onboarding expert will reach out shortly and start the onboarding process with you. They will work with you every step of the way until you are set up for smart web Online Ordering.

No, you don't need to. Our application can run in your existing application and print the order list

How long does it take to get set up on smart web Online Ordering?

It only takes a couple of minutes to register for smart web Online Ordering. From there you'll receive a dedicated onboarding expert to help support you with all your needs during the onboarding process.

Get your own Smart Web online ordering system!

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