Secure and Control Internal Networks

Monitor and control outgoing and incoming network traffic and defend against sophisticated threats from outside world

MAKE Your Data: Safe, Accessible, and Optimized

Simplify your operations, reduce costs and eliminate data silos. The StorageCraft OneXafe converged data platform unifies enterprise-class data protection with scale-out storage in an easy-to-use, configurable solution.


High-Performance. Cost-Effective.

StorageCraft is reimagining storage with OneXafe 5410, an all-flash, scale-out, object-based storage solution that delivers the simplicity of NFS and SMB and that’s optimized for virtual environments.

Scale Storage Capacity, Easily

OneXafe’s scale-out architecture enables you to seamlessly add one drive at a time or multiple nodes in a cluster. OneXafe 4400 series delivers scale-out storage for large-scale unstructured data and backup targets.


Why choose Storagecraft 

data protection?


The ShadowXafe next-generation data protection solution brings comprehensive, SLA-driven management to the complete data protection lifecycle. It delivers multiple fast recovery options and a workflow optimized for management simplicity. Minimize downtime and improve productivity with ShadowXafe.

OneXafe Solo

For simpler environments, OneXafe Solo 300 is a plug-and-play appliance that streams data directly to StorageCraft Cloud Services for business continuity. OneXafe Solo 300 uses StorageCraft OneSystem for cloud-based management from anywhere, at any time, through any web browser.


ShadowProtect provides continuous image-based backups for fast, easy, reliable disaster recovery. Access, migrate, and restore your data with remote management.

Granular Recovery for Exchange

GRE works with your backups to protect email. Use to search for and recover Microsoft Exchange message data.


IT Edition

This standalone tool for the system admin is available via subscription for restoring and backing up machines without installing software.

File Backup and Recovery

Not all data is critical to business operations. This online file backup solution identifies and protects only the data that’s important to the business.

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