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Loyalty Gift Cards

Increase sales, retain old customers, and earn new prospects by offering customized gift cards exclusively made by iAbrahamPOS.


Gifts cards as presents

Struggling to find your loved ones the perfect gift for Christmas? With an average annual spending of $163 spent per person, gift cards have enormous potential to be that perfect gift. With iAbrahamPOS, you can process physical and digital gift cards easily and take advantage of the extra dollars spent in your store.


Average annual spending on gift cards per person


Of gift card users spend more money than the value of the card


is spent on average in addition to the amount of the gift card 

Heighten brand awareness with no extra cost

Create personalized, customized gift cards for your business and increase your brand recognition to both old and new clients by selling them online or in person. Moreover, you have total control on the process, whether it’s to suspend or re-activate gift cards at will. To top it up, there’s no extra set up cost or hardware cost.

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Sell & track gift cards

With iAbrahamPOS, you can link any gift card with a new or existing customer profile to track spending. Furthermore, in-depth reports of the cards can be viewed in the dashboard.

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The joy of giving gift cards

It is always better to give than to receive. Having unique gift cards will get you more sales referrals to your store through the power of networking, which in turn will also increase revenue and foot traffic. Also, businesses usually experience additional sales from customers using gift cards.

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Online & offline gift cards open more sales opportunities

Sell you gift cards on both your online platform and in your store. This is a good way to bring in new customers as your gift card shoppers have the opportunity to email the digital cards or buy the physical cards for their loved ones.


Gift cards coming in all shapes and sizes open more sales opportunities!

अभी अपना लाभ अधिकतम करें!

Learn how iAbrahamPOS Solutions can accelerate your business today

  • Increase staff productivity

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